Hair Colour

Hair Colour

Europa colorists are artists who customize color to make it truly yours.

They will get you out from under what’s flipped, fried, over-dyed, dull or just plain uninspired. And they’ll do it all with AVEDA hair color system that is up to 99% naturally derived. From your hair color to your face colors, they’ll design your total look from nature’s palette.

All color services include a consultation to determine the best color enhancement for your hairstyle and professional finish styling.

All color technicians are trained in advanced color placement and corrective procedures.

Pricing Information:
Root re-touch $100.00
Color Balance Short $30.00
Color Balance Medium $40.00
Color Balance Long $50.00
Foils full head $140-$250 (depending on length)

Foils half head

$90-$175 (depending on length)

Corrective Upon Consultation